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Nine Irons Seedstock is a group of cattle breeders who collectively encompass 149 years of performance testing. These producers ranch in varying environments from the sandhills, the plains and the eastern slope, to the high mountains. The herds are several generations deep in extremely progressive AI breeding programs, using curve bending, moderate inputs. The breeds represented include registered Black and Red Angus, Black and Red Nine Irons Composites, and Black and Red Angus Hybrids. Selection pressure and criteria are very tough and competitive to achieve an eventual test approval for any bull or heifer that enters the program. The strength of the Nine Irons Seedstock Program is its people. The dedicated cattlemen, who for over 149 years collectively, have been performance testing innovative genetics. Give any of us a call to visit about the program.

Butch & Peggy Black - 29 years Seedstock Producer
(Black Ranches Inc. Commercial Cattle & Performance Quarter Horses)

Our ranch is nestled in the Sandhills of the Western Nebraska Panhandle. The weather here can get to be a challenge, but they say if you don’t like it, wait five minutes it will change. Butch & Peggy have been associated with cattle and horses all of their lives. Butch is the fourth generation to run Black Ranches Inc. It takes a lot of time and energy to run this place. Our work is never done. You know what they say, if you think you are all caught up on your work then you are not looking hard enough. Our cattle are the heart and soul of this place. We work real hard to keep up with the cattle industry. We stick to moderate frame, calving ease, low birth weight. The horses are a challenge also. There is always something needing to be done with them. However we do enjoy having them here. They are fun to watch, and they make for some great photo shots. If you are in our neck of the woods, stop in for a tour of our ranch. We will be glad to show you some cattle or if you rather some horses.

Butch & Peggy Black
Black Ranches Inc.
PO Box 37
Lakeside, NE 69351

Lindner Ranches - 18 years Seedstock Producer

Lindner Ranches is located in southwest Colorado, near the Durango area (winter) and Pogosa Springs area (summer). Bob Lindner put these six ranches together from 1971-1983. The ranches are nestled in the San Juan Mountains, with elevations running from 7,000 to 10,000 feet.
The cow herd is the Nine Irons Composite Breed. This English X Continental mix works well at high elevations and fits the environment. There is 75 miles between the summer and winter ranches. Synchronization and AI are implemented prior to hauling to the summer country. For several generations of AI, calving ease/moderate-framed sires have been used.

Lindner Ranches
Randy Halls - Manager
201 County Road 306
Durango, CO 81302
970-247-2320 (winter)
970-731-2952 (summer)

Karl and Janice Hueftle - 26 years Seedstock Producer

Karl and Janice were married on July 31, 1949 and that was the start of Hueftle Cattle Co. We live in the Platte Valley at Cozad, NE. We are 4 miles south of I-80 and 3 miles south of the Platte River. Besides the cow-calf operation we raise corn and alfalfa. Karl and his Dad, Gus raised Hereford cattle until 1970 when Karl bought his first Red Angus cattle from Sally Forbes. The Red Angus bulls were bred to the Hereford cows for F-1's. In the late 80's, we along with our son, Neil purchased a large group of Red Angus cows. In 1989 we sold our first set of bulls to the King Ranch in Texas. That was the beginning of raising and selling bulls. Our operation consists of Red Angus and Red Angus-Simmental crosses, using the top bloodlines possible. All the family which includes Karla, Lee, Donnis, Neil, Nolan, Gil and Kim our herdsman , are involved in the cattle business as all own cattle. In all, our family consists of the 6 kids, 5 in-law's and 11 grandchildren along with Kim and his family.


Karl and Janice Hueftle
Hueftle Cattle Company
75610 Highway 21
Cozad, NE 69130

Slash 2 Livestock, INC. - 23 years Seedstock Producer

Vince & Lori Poppe have been part of Nine Irons Seedstock Producers from the beginning and have been selling seedstock with most of the Nine Irons Producers since 1993. Vince manages the bull/test and sale along with Blacks Feedlot.
Jake & Bree Poppe live east of Colorado Springs where they raise their herd of Angus and Composite cattle. They both have been part of our seedstock program, along with our daughter Sara and her son Cade from the beginning, doing one aspect of it or another.
Our herd consists of NIS Composites and purebred Angus located here in Nebraska and Colorado. Slash 2 Livestock, INC. continues on in 2011 with the same genetic management as in the past 21 years. Uniformity, moderation and high performance is still a commitment in our program along with strong maternal traits and good disposition. You’re always welcome to call or stop by for a visit.

Slash 2 Livestock, INC.
1436 396 Trail
Ellsworth, NE 69340

Poppe Livestock LLC - 9 years Seedstock Producer

Jake Bree and the boys Jake & Bree Poppe have ranched in Eastern Colorado since 2003, and have been sending bulls to the sale since 2008. Their herd consists of Angus & Composite females, and they continue to seek progressive genetics and innovative management practices to improve their operation.
In January of 2012, they bought a ranch in southeastern Montana, and moved their family and operation from Colorado north. The Montana country is similar to the grass ranch in Colorado, where minimal supplemental feed is required, but where the right kind of cow is still a necessity. They also continue to develop ranch and rope horses, as well.
If ever in the country, swing by the new headquarters in Fallon, Montana - coffee’s always on, and visitors always welcome to drop by, talk cattle.

Poppe Livestock LLC.
21 Pine Unit Road
Fallon, Montana 59326
303-912-2967 or 406-486-2967

Darold and Lorna Tomsheck - 44 years Seedstock Producer

Near the base of the rolling Sweetgrass Hills of Montana, less than ten miles from the Canadian border, 300 mother cows and their off-spring can be seen grazing where the rangeland meets the farmland. They represent the pride and toil of the Tomsheck family. Darold attended a school on artificial insemination in 1967 and has been using that process and performance records ever since to build the quality of his herd. In the early 70's he started using embryo transplants to multiply his top genetics more rapidly and now he has implemented ultrasound measurements to assess his herd as well. He, his wife Lorna, and daughters Angela, Cherry and Janna are the Tomsheck crew. All participate in the family business, be it the AI or the roundups for weaning, data recovery, vaccinating and the like. Darold also runs a small feedlot operation where he furnishes cattle to sell as halves of beef to neighbors and folks in the surrounding area. This provides an excellent source of information for him on the yield and the efficiency of his cattle. Although a ways off the "beaten path" the Tomshecks are always happy to feed visitors and show off their cattle if you find yourself in Oilmont, Montana.

Darold and Lorna Tomsheck
PO Box 399
Oilmont, MT 59466



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