You improve your herd genetically to raise the "Bottom Line" of your operation. If your goal for ranch management is to operate in a cost effective manner, the opportunity to add value then is to raise the return on the cattle at the time of sale. The majority of outfits still sell pounds at weaning. The most dependable process to achieve added pounds at weaning is to take advantage of heterosis (hybrid vigor). The challenge to the producer who considers a crossbreeding program is how to maintain the sought after maternal values and consistency in replacement females that progressive cattle breeders desire. The beauty of Nine Irons composite and hybrid bulls is we have paid particular attention to detail. The breeders have used low birth, moderate framed sires for several generations. Carcass merit is also a large ingredient in sire evaluation. "The perfect cow" will always be an unattainable goal. Dedicated breeders will continue to try to create her. The philosophy at Nine Irons Seedstock is to raise cattle that will breed and/or feed successfully. All the performance traits can be used, but the mama cow still must maintain herself and her calf first. She also needs to breed back early in her respective breeding season. Therefore, we will continue to focus on moderation in frame and birth, along with all the other trait inputs that contribute to the "Bottom Line."



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